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AcaSTEMics is a national movement that thrives in fostering enthusiasm in youth for learning and providing direction for their future aspirations in STEM.

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What does AcaSTEMics do?

AcaSTEMics does the following the provide STEM education to all youth:

Educational STEM Kits

STEM Curriculum &
Professional Development

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AcaSTEMics provide educational STEM kits that increase visual perception and develop intelligence along with logical thinking. These kits satisfy Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and achieve gifted and talented competencies such as critical thinking, creative thinking,
and metacognition skills.

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AcaSTEMics is certified to provide STEM instruction and accredited to develop STEM curriculum for students and professional development to public, private and home-school teachers. AcaSTEMics’ curricula and professional development approach is to connect STEM concepts to the real world so that learning STEM is fun and interactive
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STEM Motivational Speaking

Jerome D. McQueen is available for booking speaking events to spread the word of the wondrous and lucrative opportunities that STEM careers have to offer. He is available via virtual or in-person. Please listen to an excerpt of a speech.
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AcaSTEMic Purpose

"There was a young man in our mentoring program for almost 3 years. He was in and out of the juvenile court system. We even had Thanksgiving Dinner with him in the detention center. His family moved away before he graduated the mentoring program and we lost contact for a number of years. Then a few years ago his mother called and said he graduated engineering from Ohio State University. "