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J​ust as we acknowledge and make a big to-do about football players during National Signing Day,

AcaSTEMics want to acknowledge academic scholars on Academic Scholars Day


Just as we acknowledge athletes that run a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash, let’s acknowledge scholars who achieve a 4.0 in their grade point average. Just as we acknowledge the football player running across the goal line, let’s acknowledge the students walking in the graduation line. For we know that the average NFL career is 3-6 years, a doctor and an engineer will impact our community for 36 years. 


So, Academic Scholars Day is that day when a high-achieving scholar signs their well-deserved academic scholarship to attend college. AcaSTEMics want to link up the scholar with a mentor in their field to guide them through their matriculation years. 

More information to come

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