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ACASTEMICS is about those young kids who have a desire to be an engineer, a doctor, or a computer programmer but do not know how to go about it. They do not know anybody that is doing what they aspire to do in life. AcaSTEMics is about that little girl who wants to conduct medical research to eradicate cancer in her community. It’s about encouraging that eighth-grader struggling in algebra that eventually would become a NASA engineer. It’s about keeping STEM on their minds and in front of their face. Eventually, when they hear and see it enough, they will believe that they can achieve also. 


Our mission is to provide the youth access into wondrous learning opportunities through

STEM education and mentorship. 

    We accomplish our MISSION by:   

Spreading our core values through podcast and interview formats to expose opportunities and highlight the benefits of STEM 

Committing to coordinating influential leaders (AcaSTEMic Stars) in STEM careers to rising students with parallel interests​

Creating Academic Scholars Day - an initiative that recognizes the academic achievements of stellar students

Providing STEM project kits for purchase to facilitate hands-on learning activities at home for different age groups

Featured on:


The AcaSTEMic Engineer


Jerome D. McQueen, PE
The AcaSTEMic Engineer

Educational Bio:

Although educated in South Carolina’s Interstate 95 Corridor of Shame in Dillon, SC, Jerome McQueen has earned a bachelor's and a master's degrees in Civil & Environmental  Engineering along with an MBA in Energy Economics. His master's in engineering was earned as a NASA Graduate Fellow studying air pollution control engineering at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Most notably, he has served as a co-chair for a mentoring program designed for young black male achievement for over 18 years. He has mentored over 225 young men and these young men have amassed over
$3.5 M in scholarships for higher education. 


Why is STEM important to you?

STEM means opportunities for the future; opportunities to see the world, opportunities to change the country, opportunities to impact our community. 




Jean McQueen | Curriculum Advisor

Educational Bio:

Jean McQueen is a certified K-6 Special Education and General Education specialist with over 17 years of experience focusing on child development learning disabilities. She is also proficient in developing curriculum and will serve as the curriculum advisor for AcaSTEMics educational and STEM professional development efforts.


Brianna Jones | Marketing

Educational Bio:

Brianna was raised between Latta, SC and Charleston, SC. Her graphic design career path can be attributed to an early introduction to art and technology by her grandparents. 


Raven Williams | Chief Digital Marketer

Educational Bio:

Born a small-town girl of Yemassee, SC, Raven has always had a knack for being “in the know” and forecasting trends. Having a love of creating and communicating value for a wider variety of products and people made marketing an effortless choice. 

AcaSTEMic Stories

A young man in the mentoring program always stated that he would study journalism as a profession. He ended up competing in a national financial literacy competition where they are tasked to research and set up a financial plan for a fellow college student. This young man ended up graduating from Georgetown University in economics. He is currently a financial analyst for one of the southeastern

US most successful banks. 


We exposed him to new concepts, we developed his skills and now we acknowledge him as one of our most successful mentoring stories!!!

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